Time series application team

The team focuses on time series forecasting and recommendation systems. It has many years of experience working with industry, including Lidl, Samsung, PWN, OLX and Allegro, where the team has worked on demand and inventory forecasting systems, intelligent voice systems, and recommendation systems, among others.

Team leader

Zdjęcie portretowe dziekana Góreckiego

prof. UAM

Tomasz Górecki

Professor in the Department of Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis, AMU. His research interests include methods of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and time series analysis. He is the author of nearly 100 scientific papers and three books.

Team members


Robert Kwieciński

M.Sc. in mathematics, pursuing an implementation doctorate at AMU’s Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science in cooperation with the OLX Group. He develops and implements job listing recommendation models. In addition, as a Senior Data Scientist, he supports the pricing strategy of the OLX websit


Sławomir Pioroński

M.Sc. in mathematics, experienced data scientist, and PhD student in machine learning at AMU’s Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, focusing on time series analysis. His interests also include GAN-type networks. In his spare time, he enjoys participating in machine learning competitions.